A Screensaver displays how long it has been running along with other vital system information. Very low CPU load 0% -4% on 1.6Ghz.

Screen Protection Mode

In screen protection mode every 5 minutes a black horizontal bar will move from top to the bottom of the screen. It is designed to avoid phosphorus burn-out at that location. In other words it relaxes that location of the monitor by not displaying anything at it.

You can configure screensaver settings by right-click then selecting configure.

Profiles contain a preloaded color and speed themes that you can apply instantly
You can manually change the colors according to your choice from the “style”
Update interval is the delay after which the screensaver will fetch/display the data. If you want to see the data updated at a faster rate then decrease the interval.
Secondary Data updater interval is the interval between the updating of Disk Drives and IP(s).
By default this screensaver will NOT close on mouse move. To enable this feature select ‘close on mouse move.’
By default this screensaver will NOT close on mouse clicks. To enable this feature select ‘close on mouse click’
If you don’t want the scan box then select Disable Scan Box
The APIs for (IP addresses) this screensaver use will cause in an alert box on some firewalls. If you want to see all the network information in the screensaver then you have to grant permission in that alert box. If you chose not to grant access then you will not be able to see that information.
By checking Screen Protection Mode you will enable the newly introduced screen protection mechanism.
Selecting Random Color change will cause the screen saver to automatically change its color after a certain time.